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Christmas Lunch & Covid-19

As we approach the end of the year, we can at least look forward to the festive period. Twinkling lights and wrapping up warm to give our ponies that little extra bit of love. Gatherings may be smaller, but I hope celebrations and cheer will still be all around; not even COVID-19 should spoil the great family tradition of Christmas trees, a tummy full of lunch and present giving.

While we can join our families, unfortunately, COVID-19 has meant we haven’t been able to confidently book our special SSPG Christmas lunch in January. Our group is simply too many to gather in one place safely, but we hope to resume this in 2022.

Keeping in touch is becoming even more important and so we will make an extra effort to keep everyone informed via our website and Facebook page in the coming months.

We hope everyone stays positive while testing negative and has a safe festive season.

Cliff & Jackie x


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