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The SSPG are making a few changes in 2020

Sometimes change is needed and in 2020 we’re finding new ways to run the group more efficiently for everyone, while still enjoy ourselves. This starts with managing administration and to do that, we’re bringing in Showing Scene; a show management system for creating and managing equine events. To get more information, take a look at their website: Using Showing Scene will significantly help the organisation team, the sponsors and the competitors. Tasks such as recording results will be made that much easier, saving time and effort on current manual processes. For the competitor, entering events is much quicker as all the information for pony and rider is stored in the system. The website also displays show schedules and allows competitors to easily enter multiple shows with different combinations in just a few clicks. As show secretary, I will be encouraging members to enter our SSPG shows online in advance via the Showing Scene website. However, if you need to enter on the day, I would appreciate competitors arriving slightly early, so the organisation team has enough time to add your entries. If you are not entered onto the system before the class starts, we cannot let you compete, so entering in advance is highly recommended. We are sure it won’t be without initial teething problems, but we hope everyone supports this positive step forward. If you have any problems using the website, please don’t hesitate to contact the Showing Scene team; they have a dedicated support team ready to help no matter the query. Lynda and I might be able to help you with the simpler queries, but we are learning alongside you so best to talk to the experts. Alongside joining Showing Scene, we have made a few changes to our membership options. From 2020, we are now only offering two types of membership; digital and postal. We have also decided to no longer provide memberships cards as part of a more cost effective and environmentally friendly approach to our group - every little helps nowadays when it comes to the environment. A Digital membership will cost £8 for the year. All communication from the us will be electronically sent to your e-mail address. This help us save on printing and posting and makes great strides in helping us become more eco-friendly. If you choose this type of membership, you will need to create an account on Showing Scene where you can join, become a member and enter shows. Due to data protection your address is not compulsory, but it would be very useful for the rare occasion that we do need to post. A Postal membership is the other option. At £15 per year, it is slightly more expensive to help with additional costs but does cover all family members living at the same address. All communication will be sent to you by post; however, you are still able to enter shows online through Showing Scene if you wish. We are very excited to start seeing Showing Scene and these new memberships in action. We hope the changes help the SSPG team spend less time administrating and more time enjoying the shows. Jackie

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