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NOTE ABOUT EQUINE FLU: Considering recent events regarding the equine flu, we have spoken to Priory Equestrian Centre and they have made it clear that they will not be enforcing any vaccinations stipulations on our upcoming show. Priory is happy to have us and confident there are no sick horses at the venue. However, they have asked that anyone living within an infected area or that has infected ponies within their herd, does not attend. Please check your ponies before coming to the show and if they show signs of being infected, leave them at home on this occasion.

Signs of equine flu include: - A very high temperature of 39-41C (103-106F) which lasts for one to three days - A frequent harsh, dry cough that can last for several weeks - A clear, watery nasal discharge that may become thick and yellow or green - Enlarged glands under the lower jaw - Clear discharge from the eyes and redness around eyes - Depression and loss of appetite - Filling of the lower limbs

For those who are able to come, please take every care yourself while competing. You should follow a few general rules to prevent the spread of infection at all shows:

- Whilst at the venue, keep your ponies and yourself out of contact with other equines - Avoid sharing of buckets or any other equipment - Take your own hay net and water - Don’t hand graze where others may have grazed - When you return you should thoroughly clean your lorry or trailer

We will take every precaution we can from our side to ensure everyone has a safe and fun show. Looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible in April.

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